I am a notorious list maker. So I have decided to have a little fun illustrating my lists.
Without further ado, I am kicking off the illustrated list series with my "Holy Grail" beauty products.
I am mostly a "no fuss" kind of girl, never wore much make up (no fuss... also an excuse for my laziness.) the extent of my routine is to rub a bit of lotion all over my face. 
When I discover products that really work, I tend to stick with them. For the most part, it's probably because I can't really be bothered.

Etude House, Precious Mineral Any Cushion.
Korean beauty products are very on trend at the minute, but they are honestly very good.
This cushion foundation is quite impressive, coverage is good and a little goes a long way. Perfect for when the skin is looking a little dull and you need a pick me up.
I always thought that most foundations gave too much coverage, giving that "caked" on look, so I never wore it. These cushion type foundations distribute the product very sparingly giving you a very natural look without over doing it. There are tonnes of these cushion foundations on the market at the moment but at the minute this is my go to.

Skinfood Tomato Cool Jelly Tint
Another Korean beauty brand. This Tomato jelly tint is so versatile.
Easy to use, easy to build the colour up but also perfect just for a more subtle look too. Not a massive lipstick fan either, since I feel personally it's too heavy a look for me. I think lip tints are a nice middle ground without the severity of a lipstick.

Lush, Shine So Bright, Hair Balm for split ends
When one has long hair, split ends are probably inevitable, but you can try to prevent it.
This hair balm smells heavenly and works like a dream, keep those ends moisturised and protected.
A simple product, but does the job well.

Benefit, Posie Tint
Nice subtle colour, not too pink, just the right amount of colour. Doesn't dry the lips out too much.

Aesop, Rose hip seed lip cream
I think a lot of Aesop products are fantastic, sometimes on the pricier side but mostly worth it.
I love this lip cream, it's super moisturising & non of that unnatural stuff. Rose hip oil contains a lot of vitamin c and antioxidants, a natural anti-aging product.

Eyeko, Sport waterproof Mascara
This mascara, what can I say.
Gives you the length, yet doesn't clump giving you that spidery eyelash look, the fact that it's waterproof is just a bonus.
Easily buildable and yet equally easily taken off with a bit of make up remover.

Avène tolerance extreme cream
I hit my 20's and suddenly my skin became SUPER sensitive to all products. I can't use most creams, oils, face washes, even if it states that it is suitable for sensitive skin.
I may have also developed a few skin allergies, which I am still trying to figure out since my GP was most unhelpful about it, even though I turned up to see him with my face about twice the size it normally was, swollen, red and blotchy.
He told me to "take an antihistamine" and to "avoid what you think you're allergic to".
Gee whiz... great advice Mr Doctor man.
Anyway I still needed to moisturise, oils are too oily, and even products like Clinique were making my skin so irritated.
With my last strands of hope I spent a good amount of time one afternoon browsing and searching in Boots. I spoke with a Boots lady and she suggested Avène products to me.
With a 3 for 2 offer going, I thought i'd buy a few items and see how they fair.
And really I was blown away within days of trying out these products. The thermal water spray, the xeracalm oil and the tolerance extreme cream.
None of which made my face blow up. And very quickly my skin was soothed, smooth and almost back to normal.
I know I only listed one product but I think Avène deserve an all round applause. For making products that really work for hypersensitive skin.

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