Disposable income

List 2.
If I had more disposable income right this minute. I'd consider buying the following 4 bags.
I say "consider" because I am really indecisive about spending money on myself.
It takes me seconds to decide on presents and gifts for others, but weeks and sometimes months to decided whether to buy something for myself.
In most cases, when I have finally made a decision, the items are either sold out or out of season.
Why oh why? It's like a curse.

Celine trapeze
I think it's pretty classic and I much prefer it to the Python.

Anya Hindmarch eyes mini backpack
So.Darn.Cute. Yet super versatile, have always been more of a backpack kinda gal. More hands for coffee.

A.P.C. half moon bag
I just think it looks really sweet, the perfect sized bag to carry a few essentials. A bit more grown up than the oh so popular satchel and yet still very feminine. A.p.c. can do no wrong...

Mansur Gavriel bucket bag
My mother used to use a Louis Vuitton NoƩ bag, and I always loved that kind of shape and drawstring type close. Except I have always found the monogram rather jarring, a little bit tacky for my taste.
These bucket bags are plain and simple, and pretty timeless.

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